Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fort Layout

Here's the final! Because Charlie (my imaginary friend) is a time traveler/cowboy/pirate, I have all kinds of paraphanela that he's stolen through the ages scattered around his fort. There is a pirate flag, a sculpture of Caesar, the Mona Lisa, a treasure chest, disco ball, dinosaur skeleton and saddle, and even a sonic screwdriver :)

Found that fort!

I finally found it! Here's that imaginary fort for my imaginary friend.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Franky Furthered

A little bit of process made on Frankenstein Line-up as well as a quick look at my studio space and some sketches for the final scene.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Frankenstein in Space Line-up

My newest and longest project - Frankenstein in Space! I'll post some better pictures soon and hopefully get this painting done in the meantime. Starting from the top down: charcoal on illustration board, spray fixed and painted with a layer of acrylic, then oil paints on top of that. And characters from left to right: Frankenstein Monster, Victor Frankenstein, Elizabeth, and Henry.

Little Red Sketches

Right now I'm working on a Little Red Riding Hood project but where Red is a baker and is seduced by the Big Bad Wolf, a cutthroat business man bent on demolishing half the city to make room for his skyscrapers. I have plans for a Huntsman as a lawyer but those sketches are still not done yet. I'll post as I go along.

So here are some silhouettes of Red. I wanted to give the whole project a 1940s feel and I looked into Earl Oliver Hurst's work and Pete Hawley's work as well (check them out because they're so awesome).

Worbus Vehicle

My Worbus alien needed to have a vehicle and I thought, why not make the alien the vehicle? I modified the Worbus' armor and created something close to a flying squirrel suit. I'll find better pictures later of the final layout.

Worbus Alien

And here we have a Worbus - funky creatures that act as delivery men, sorta like the Pony Express. These creatures can either relay messages verbally or hand-deliver them personally. This one looks a little snarky.

Alien Sketches

Here's a fun one - asked to create my own alien. I used a combination of a couple animals and a few plants to make this guy.

Repurposed Building

Next project was to make a repurposed building. Had a tough time with this one at first, but I sketched some buildings locally and found a recently burned down house that helped to spark my interest and imagination. I pushed together the burned house and a local church to create a future abandoned infirmary from a time when sickness spreads and the unfortunate people infected are left to care for themselves. As the sickness grows, they undoubtedly grow weaker, even sunlight and moonlight is hard to bear, and so the people create their own system of covered walkways via the houses, buses, and water towers around them.

Imaginary Fort for Charlie

Next assignment was to create an imaginary fort for the imaginary friend. If you'll notice, I tried to keep that same purple tree in this layout as I did for the character layout.
I can't find the final fort piece right now, but I'll post that later.

Charlie Final

Upon further inspection, I felt that Charlie got a little lost in that last design. The tree and the background overall were too overpowering. And his sense of character was not as clear as it should have been, so I added the texture to his shirt and made it brighter to pull the focus towards him and off of me. The pirate boots, treasure map, dusty coat, and lasso were just some fun added extras.

Charlie Layout

Here's the layout of the mostly finished concept. That little girl is me.

Charlie Sketches

One of the first assignments for my Concept Art class - create an Imaginary Friend. These are some sketches of Charlie, my cowboy/pirate and all around tree-wrangler extraordinare.

Looky here!

Well, hello there.
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