Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Finished Wine Piece

This one sold at the auction (though I'm not sure for how much) and so I'll never get to see it again :(
Notice how I went with NONE of my previous sketches? Yeah, not sure what happened there...

Banner Project

Sketches for the 5-panel Banner Project - these will be so big! Better get cracking!

Stop your WINE-ing

A couple color and sketch studies for a wine piece... and then there's a grape ghost thrown into the mix.

More Noir

A little further on the selected sketches... still not done.

Boomerang Practice

Boomerang practice with Selena and Bunnymund

Noir Sketches

Digital sketches of some mock-noir scenes to convey different verbs...

Jack Frost

Just trying to capture a still from Rise of the Guardians - one of the best films I've seen in a long time.

Pre-Star Selena

What Selena might look like before she becomes a shooting star... I'll upload some pen sketches later :)

Selena Sketches

Character sketches of Selena, a character I created who embodies a shooting star. I wanted her to look like she was perpetually under water and that her hair reacted to movement much like a jelly fish.

My Influence Map

This is my influence map of the artists who have inspired me over the years. It's neat to look back to my drawing style in relation to all of these :)