Monday, March 4, 2013

Peter Pan: West meets East Progress

 Fun project, much like the Frankenstein in Space project, where I've taken a well-known story and changed the setting, background story, etc. Tinkerbell is now a Painted Pony and the Crocodile is now a Serval Cat :) My goal this week is to create some speed paintings of settings and things, including the Mermaid Lagoon Saloon.

Friday, March 1, 2013

GWANGI re-make

Re-Make of "In the Valley of Gwangi," rumored to be directed by Peter Jackson heehee...

 I had a lot of fun with this one :) Lots o' lizard brushes...LOTS...

Misha Collins - RollingStones Cover

This is a mock cover for the RollingStones, done digitally, of a wonderfully inspiring man named Misha Collins. If you don't know him, look him up. Especially his Random Acts project :)

This took a while to make especially because I couldn't get Misha to sit in for a photo shoot :)

Banners Are Nearly There

Remember that banner project I had put the sketches up for? Well I got a little farther on them a while ago and just never uploaded my progress :) Sorry about that; February was craaaazy!

Sweet Dreams

Mock magazine cover for a desserts issue - it was very hard to get reference of a child when there are no children around. And I might come off as creepy if I ask a random parent to take a photo of their kid... heh, so I used two friends of mine and skewed their proportions (thank you photoshop).
Here's the final piece, text and all!

Global Warming Digital Illustration

 So here are some sketches for a Global Warming assignment...

 I used my friend's silver skillet for ref but the lighting made it too coppery... So I darkened it in the final :)
Tada! That's the final piece!