Sunday, March 2, 2014

Month of Love - 69 Love Songs

The Magnetic Fields' "Absolutely Cuckoo" is my favorite from their 69 Love Songs. Something about it sounds so rounded, maybe it's the repetitive beat and continuous string of words, or that it makes me picture a billion balloons or bouncing balls going down a hill... And the lyrics hit me right in the childhood, when you have a million crushes and a billion fantasies and a trillion friends that you think you love everything and everyone with all your heart and it doesn't matter to you or them how strange and crazy your mind may be. But the fun, rounded beat of life as a child is handy at masking all the gossip and terrors the world may present and some of that bubbly optimism never leaves us. Maybe that's not what this song really means, but that's my crazy interpretation :)

I had a ton of fun drawing this and it didn't turn out how I wanted it to so maybe I'll take this in later and fix it up - hooray!

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